Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wow! I could not have told you at any given point whether today was a good day or a bad day. (Read the next sentence slowly so it's not confusing, lol.) What I thought was starting as a good day weakened into a rough day then it started to get good again but then not quite and all of a sudden it turned really good and then I wasn't sure but in the end it was wonderful. Do I sound fickle yet? :D All that matters is: 1)I'm incredibly happy right now; 2) My desk is cleaned off; 3) My house is straightened up; 4) I feel revved up for tomorrow; and, 5) I got to spend time with God, my husband, my kids, and my friend today. 
Much more ended up being accomplished than I thought would happen today, praise the Lord. My school day did not go as planned, even in a general, random, loose schedule sense. It was one of those days where things begin whirling too fast around you and you are helpless to control anything. We were supposed to have ladies meeting at church tonight. In fact, I was supposed to go to the chiropractor and take James to preschool. None of that happened. We got a bunch of snow last night. It took Richard (and all the rest of CMP apparently) two hours to get to work this morning. James, Grace, and Jane were all sick with colds, coughs, and fevers today. So snow and sickness cancelled out our dayplans. Then Ladies Meeting was cancelled for the weather. With my house and kids and school spinning overwhelmingly around me, I was really disappointed not to be able to go. But in the end, Richard took the boys to watch him play hockey with a couple from church. And I got to take T to coffee. She seemed to need encouragement and I needed to get out of the house. I loaded the girls up and put a cartoon in on the van's dvd player. They were happy with a muffin to munch on while T and I sat up front with hot drinks and visited. We did a little devotion too. I set out to encourage her, but I think God knew I needed the same verses I was reading. We both left encouraged. :) When I got home I was able to zoom around the house and clean it up before Richard and the boys arrived. Then we got ourselves a little date after the kids went to  bed. We may not be able to go out much for dates, but we try to make dates out of everything as often as we can. We relish our alone time, snatching it up when it chances our way! :) 
One positive happening of my busy boxes I made for the kids yesterday? They worked! They were disappointed that they couldn't use them since we didn't go to the chiropractor after all. But I didn't want to just let them be a free-for-all, or they wouldn't be special anymore. About halfway through the morning, I realized that I had not read my Bible and I really felt the need to stop and regroup. So I called "Blanket time!" I gave each of them their boxes and told them they absolutely could not touch each other's boxes, but to just play quietly. I sat on the couch, read a nice, long chapter, & had my regrouping time. And they sat there and played for about 45 minutes! They loved the boxes: I was so happy. Gabe had fun with his slinky especially-all of them liked the slinkies. Jane was enthralled with her stickers, decorating her foot. Grace, of course, liked her colors and memo pad. James tried out the kaleidoscopes on both eyes at once and then set up army guys in his box. I was impressed with this busy bag/box idea when I read about it; but I'm even more impressed that it works! 
Well, I came down here to get a drink but was so wide awake that I told Richard I was just gonna post on my blog till I was sleepy. NOW I'm sleepy....good night!

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