Friday, 26 October 2012

I kissed too many babies and turned into a frog. I woke up this morning with their groggy cold. I heard the babies so I dragged myself out of bed. Coming downstairs, I was prepared for anything. But I found the cutest scene-all three babies seated nicely at their little table neatly eating yogurt in bowls. Pleasantly surprised and a little confused, I asked James, "How did youguys get yogurt? Did Gabe get it for you?" Beaming, he announced, "No, I did! I was a BIG,BIG BRUDDA!" He was so cute he got a big kiss and "Good job!" How he managed to pour them yogurt without making a mess, I'll never know. Later I found the yogurt in the bottom produce drawer of the fridge, lol. 
I am always on the lookout for indoor playplaces to let my children run off their energy when the weather turns bad. I have so far found: 4 McDonalds PlayPlaces, Eau Claire Market's free indoor playground, Coffee N'Scream playplace for under age 6(and a fee), and now the Community Centre free gym time on Wednesdays and Fridays. I took them for the first time this morning to the gym. What a great hour and a half of balls, gymnastics, tunnels, slides, little cars, and games. Just to let off energy and be active. Just whhat I wanted. They let Gabe play too, since he followed the rules, even though he was technically a year too old. I know why these daytime have activities aimed at small children--because most older ones are in school with their own gym time. Because I homeschool, he goes wherever we go. So I try to find things he's able to be included in. He had fun today, too. 
After an afternoon of errands, we are back home. We got snowboots for the girls today and stocked up on 'supplies' for a sick day. Now we're back home in our cozy house, while the snow gently falls on a winter world outside. The girls and boys are each in their respective rooms for the evening playing quietly. Here's an overview of our agenda: Chicken soup, OJ, water, Children's Tylenol, Cough syrup, throat lozenges, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, blankets, movies, hot tea.....snuggling, sneezing, sleeeeeeping!

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