Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Let's see, what interesting things? 
-Me and Gracie are home.
-The other three were very glad to have me home. 
-Snuggling up in my own bed next to my husband is so much nicer than a sweaty latex pillow on a cot in the pediatric ward any day. 
-Hooray! I managed to survive Day One alone, still sick, with the kids, AND I maintained my house till Richard got off work. 
-If you want a laugh, set your four children in front of America's Funniest Home Videos and get a laugh out of the babies laughing simply because their big brothers are laughing and soon you will be laughing too!
-Old, big tvs are extremely durable. One of the children accidentally knocked one off its 3' tv stand onto its face(thankfully there were  no babies underneath!)....and when we picked it up, it resumed the movie as if nothing ever happened-wow!
-Richard is home now and he has taken over duty to play with the kids and give them baths; I get to go to bed and rest. Yay!

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