Friday, 19 October 2012

Points of my day: At this moment, poor sick hubby in bed. While he & kiddos sleep, I'm going to pretend I'm an angel(no, I've not completely grown out of pretending!). I will walk around my house making it beautiful, one thing at a time, so when they wake up all will be bright and shining.~Jane did NOT get her princess pictures taken today because WalMart hired a big, scary man to take photos and she cried. :( I rescheduled her for tomorrow when the nice lady is there.~Trying to teach Gabriel how to play P-I-G basketball, I told him, "If I make a basket, you have to stand just where I was & try to make it. If you don't, then you get a P, and the first person to spell PIG loses." So when this scenario came to pass, my literal son ran to where I'd been standing and spelled really fast, "PIG!You lose!" LOL-I didn't mean the first person to SPELL PIG; it's not a race!~Not only is Gabe literal, he's also extremely self-confident, as evidenced by this speel: "I would like hockey wall stickers in my new room. I LOVE hockey! I'm really good at it. I actually play hockey and skate like Wayne Gretzky!" His boldness made me laugh out loud, even as I made a mental note to add "humility" and "not bragging" to our list of character traits we need to work on....:D (For those of you who are not into hockey, Wayne Gretzky is like the best hockey player in Canada's history, to hear my husband tell about it. At least Gabe is aiming high! :D

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