Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Can you tell it's been a busy weekend? Haven't posted since Friday. Sorry, Beck, nothing new when you checked last night. Let's see, what did we do all weekend? Oh,right. Maybe not so busy. Saturday was full of...sleep. Richard put in an extrahuman work week, then played hockey Friday night after his church function. While he was at hockey, I rearranged my living room and hauled books around. My living room now looks like a library with five full bookshelves. My living room and dining room look homey and all, but they are what you would call 'functional'--I wouldn't normally have five bookshelves in my living room, or a pull out school desk(thankfully it closes up), or be shoving my dining room table into a corner. But I wouldn't normally opt to have school in my living room,either. With three babies that cannot be trusted down in the den around movies, electronics, or with laundry soap, or hockey equipment, or school supplies, we just couldn't keep the schoolroom downstairs. It had to come up so I could watch the babies too. Anyway, Saturday morning after all that we slept in. We got up and ate breakfast. Then Richard went back to take a nap while I sorted books. Then I went to take a nap while he took some of the kids on a walk. You know what? Why am I rambling on like this? YOU don't care what we did every minute of Saturday....I can tell I'm getting tired.  Suffice it to say that Saturday we slept and spent family time. Sunday was a great church day, in between which, we did more sleeping and family stuff. Then today was a Monday morning marathon. All day long. Now I'm tired, but can't go to bed because too much  pressing stuff needs to be done. I don't even have the mental capacity to write the fun or funny stuff that happened today in any sort of witty way. I'm just brain dead. But my husband, who has a hurt back and should be taking a shower and going to bed with a heat pack, is refusing to do that and went back out to the garage to 'tough it out', at 11:30, I might mention. Me, being more of a baby, am very tired after having the kids out all over Calgary today-park w/cousin, chiropractor, shopping, photoshoot, baths, stories, haircut, etc.---which is far easier than the hard labour my husband did---I just want to go to bed and call it a day. But with the mess still in my house from all that rearranging, I can't exactly let my husband be out there working with a sore back while I'm lazily 'calling it a day' and ignoring my mess. SO, buck up Rachel, there's work to be done, starting with Mount Laundry! Bye all, yawn....
so its been a couple of hours, and what actually happened was, the internet was down when I went to post this, so I saved it and promptly fell asleep on my bed. Then I woke up, checked on my husband out in the garage, who is about to come in now, and then I straightened up some parts of the house as I walked back up the stairs. Now I'm back in bed and checked to see if the internet was up, which it was, but by then my post was inaccurate, as I did NOT tackle Mount Laundry after all. Since I like to be truthful, I felt compelled to tack on this lame postscript. Boy, I sure hope tomorrow's post is better written and more worthwhile. :) 

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