Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mission accomplished! New family photo and individual ones of each child have all been taken, chosen, ordered, and paid for. November 2 is the estimated due date of return. It was a looooooooooong week. I lived at WalMart. I was literally there every day except Tuesday. But it was good; I got wonderful pictures of each of the kids and I think a good family picture. 
We got a lot done on the house today for rearranging our kids' bedrooms. We were so thankful that God revealed to us a fire hazard in the girls' room that we didn't realize. Jane's bed was right on the heater floor vent. Being a particle board captain's bed, it gets hot quickly. And it was very hot. We haven't noticed before because the weather only recently turned cold, so we haven't had the heater on in months. Without further ado, we moved their room around so nothing was on the vent. It actually turned out to be much more cozy this way with more walking space. We've decided to leave the girls where they are, as it was so much work decorating their room. I have no desire to do all the work of moving James in their and putting them in the bigger room across the hall. They are little; they'll live. Especially with their beds all cozy like a couch now and their dollies and the rocking chair and the movieplayer. They'll be good for a few years. James and Gabe on the other hand are going to really enjoy having separate rooms I think. Gabe is going downstairs and James will stay where he is, but by himself. We got Gabe an alarm clock & lamp & glow in the dark celestial ceiling stickers today. It is a surprise for his birthday, to have his room moved downstairs like he's been wanting for awhile. He will have added responsibilities of course, to keep it clean, and no excuses about the babies messing it up. :) And James is such a big boy now, going to preschool; I think he will like having his own space and learning how to keep his room tidy. He is meticulous by nature like his dad. He's like the boy on Freaky Friday, the neat little brother. :) Gabe and I are more haphazard, while Richard and James are the neat ones. Personality clash! Lol. We are focusing this fall on respecting each others spaces and consideration for each other. Cleaning up after ourselves(especially teaching this to James, Grace, and Jane!), staying out of each other's rooms, not messing with each others things, going out of our way to make things nice for others, keeping peace and walking in love toward brothers and sisters.
Well, it's Sunday tomorrow, gotta get some sleep. I'm singing tomorrow and my voice protests with not enough sleep. After the last two times of singing mishaps I don't want to add another mishap a third time. The first time, I lost my words and had to wing it. Well, I winged it alright...:} The second time, I didn't have enough time to thoroughly learn my soundtrack and, well, there were some interesting stumbles. So let's hope tomorrow goes well. I know the song; I have the words; and I've practiced with the pianist already. Crossing my fingers for the voice, I now just have to focus on my spirit. "I will sing of mercy and judgment; unto thee, O LORD, will I sing." "O sing unto the LORD a new song..." "I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever..." "Come before his presence with singing..." "...with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the LORD." " soul doth magnify the LORD..." "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD."

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  1. note: in previous post, Gabe asked for hockey wall stickers, but I couldn't find any today. In Canada, I couldnt find something hockey????:D turned out when i got home, his walls are textured anyway, so he can[t have wall stickers after all, hence the ceiling stickers.