Friday, 12 October 2012

Short post today. I can't seem to think beyond the boxes of books that need put on the bookshelves and 100 other things that need doing. The kids stayed up to see Daddy, now they're off to bed, Richard is off to hockey, and I'm off to keep myself busy. Today, we went to the chiropractor and everyone was very good and got their reward cookies. :) As I sat on the highway crawling my way past two accidents for the better part of an hour, I thought how people sometimes express wonder at my being with four small children all day long, especially homeschooling; I even got a comment today. My response was, "I'd choose that any day over fighting the highway every single day!" To sit in a car and fight rush hour and accidents and weather twice a day year round would not be something I would want to do for the rest of my life. I LIKE being with my kids, even if it gets crazy sometimes. And I LIKE homeschooling, even if it gets frustrating to stay scheduled. I get to order my own days. I get to spend invaluable time with my children. I get to call "naptime" when I see we all need it. What I do NOT like is traffic or driving. So, no, I will not be trading my life in for the rat race everybody else runs anytime soon. Busy as my life may be, it is MY kind of busy and I prefer it. :) Among other things we did today....I surprised my  husband by slipping into his work cafeteria, sliding into the chair across from him, and taking a drink of his Coke before he even realized who I was. The surprised look on his face was priceless, especially the first "Who is this brazen woman presuming to sit down by me?" look. :D Just me, his wife. I have a right to drink his pop. 
The kids and I went to a cool park which had a mini forest(like 5 fir trees), a hiking path(through the 5 trees), lots of  large boulders to climb on(7 total), and a big hill all four of my children took the opportunity to roll down(very cute!). And, what is it about toddlers not keeping their clothes on? You would think I had 27 children, judging by the number of times I put socks & shoes on little feet today. Seriously, keep your socks and shoes on! They insisted on running around barefoot in a wet park that still had the remains of the last snowfall in places. After exhausting my supply of extra socks and retrieving three pairs of dripping wet shoes from puddles & such, I gave up. When I went to Wal Mart to get groceries, I was compelled to head to the sock aisle first to pay for new ones so no one reported me for neglecting to dress my children properly in cold weather.
We got to have a nice visit with Aunt K. this afternoon, who came over for dinner and a visit over Starbucks drinks while the kids raided her movie collection for movietime upstairs. We thought we could sneak our own quiet adult dinnertime first while the kids were outside and upstairs....but they have radar. When I looked up from praying, four children were climbing all over me begging me for bites.."I'm hungry!" I gave up on that idea and sat them all down to eat. :)
Well, this short post is not so short, lol. I don't want to risk losing what steam I have left, so I'm going to sign off. Tutaloo!

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