Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I am going to list blessings and accomplishments of today so I can combat the craziness that tried to rear its head. Craziness seems to be a recurring theme in my posts, hence the blog's title: CRAZY happy family. :) But, really, the emphasis needs to be like this: crazy HAPPY family. Because we are happy, despite all the craziness. So the blessings and accomplishments of today show what turns the CRAZY into crazy, and the happy into HAPPY, if that makes any sense.
1) My husband rescued me as I was drowning in toddler screams-he grabbed my hand, pulled me out of the deep, and sent me sailing off to where I am sitting a lamplit Starbucks, comfy in an armchair with my laptop and a pumpkin spice latte. Relaxing more with each moment...they may have to wake me up when the store closes....
2) I initiated my treadmill this morning! I spent thirty good minutes of alternate walking/running while watching "Mommy tv". ("No, kids, I am NOT turning on cartoons. If you want to be in here, you have to watch Mommy tv. And, no, you may not be on the treadmill WITH me. And, please do not bring any toys into my room. None." Lol) When I was done, I looked down and wondered, "What is wrong with my shirt? Why is it all wet?"--and then laughed as I realized. I must have done a good workout-yeah!! Size 10, here I come!
3) I got a shower. If you're a mom, you know this is an accomplishment worthy of listing. I'm not talking about racing your last Guinness World Record of 2 min. 31 sec. for the quickest "mom-clean" ever. I'm talking about a shooowwweerrr, in which there is no hot water left.
4) I got to do my Bible reading before the kids were up again, which means that the CRAZY was bearable later in the afternoon, because God and I were on speaking terms, in fellowship, and I could easily call on Him when I was desperate for sanity. You notice I said "do my Bible reading"...I was going to say "read my Bible", but in reality I looked up the Bible online and read it before checking anything else on the internet like my email or facebook. So,if I put God first, and it is God's Word I'm reading, even if it's online, it still counts, right? Lol, of course I know it just feels a little weird not holding my actual Bible in my hands.....:)
5) For the first time, I took the kids into McDonalds WITHOUT the stroller and it was successful. To see my 1 and 2 yr old holding tiny hands was adorable beyond words.
6) Also for the first time, I let all four of my kids play in the Kids Area of the library while I printed out government and insurance forms at the computer---and they were quiet and good for half an hour! I'm sad to be leaving the little snuggly baby stage, but for going out in public, I can tell we're almost where I can take them in without them being attached to some restraint(i.e. stroller, harness, my hand...). But, I'm not going to go into what happened after that happy half hour was up. Suffice it to say, I have a two year old......we went home as fast as we could.
7) Me and Gabe made progress in rearranging our house. Spent a good hour or two loading and unloading bins of Bible study books, art books, music books, schoolbooks, dvds, videos, cds, cassette tapes, and hauling them up and downstairs. We are literally turning our house upside down to move school upstairs, a bedroom downstairs, switching upstairs bedrooms, just has to get messy before it gets cleaner, but today we made PROGRESS!
8) A quick phone call to my pastor's wife, who prayed for me over the phone, encouraged me and saved my sanity for the afternoon segment of my day. Then, when my husband got home, he rescued me again. So, you see, God is with me, sending the right people to help at the right time. 
Well, I'm going to go for now. Wanted to note: my editor mother made mention that in one post I was practicing going to bed early and in the next post it was after midnight when I was writing.....LOL, I find that amusing. But if you know me, old habits are hard to break. Before I die, I will learn to be on time, to go to bed early, and stop biting my fingernails. But I will never stop loving ice cream...I'll just walk it off on the treadmill! :D 

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