Thursday, 18 October 2012

Today we had the water pump blow on the van, so in a pinch the kids and I all crammed into the Alero. Richard had to stay late at work to install a new water pump since I need the van all day tomorrow. Plus, we don't all FIT in the Alero. He mentioned, "We used to all fit..." to which I replied, "That was when we only had two kids!" 
With the three babies in close, elbow squishing proximity in the back seat, they began making up little games evidently to keep themselves occupied. I all of a sudden heard James say to Grace in his speech-impedimented accent, "I love you, sweetheart!-We just went on a date." Crack up, giggle, giggle. It was innocent & cute & hilarious! I'm glad they are able to pick up on positive things they hear Mommy and Daddy say to each other. Sure glad we aren't yelling and fighting at each other, 'cause little pitchers have big ears and will repeat what they see and hear!
I just made a concrete schedule of our agenda for tomorrow. Thursdays are our big days around here lately. But tomorrow it seems each person in our family except Baby Jane has an event. Richard's got something planned for the evening. I have chiropractor first thing in the morning. Gabriel has choir practice. James has a Noah's Ark costume party at preschool. Grace has a photo session in the evening. Plus, we have to make a quick library run to return books and print off something from the computer. And each of the kids were blessed with a McDonald's gift card at church this evening, which will be a blessing for lunchtime tomorrow. So we'll stop at a McD's PlayPlace for lunch as well.  
I think by the end of the day no one will be protesting bedtime!

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