Monday, 1 October 2012

My husband just asked me, "So when did you sit down and relax today?", when I recounted my busy day for him. Well, THIS is my sit-down, right now, 10:30 p.m. Everything is finally quiet. I still have a ton to do, but I needed some 'me time' first. A snack and my computer, ahhh!
We were going all day, but it was a fun day too. We got to go to the chiropractor this morning. I like going there, because I have what Dr. Findlay calls the "Mommy slouch", so when I get adjusted, it feels so good to be able to stand back up straight(or at least that's what it feels like). And Gabriel, James, Grace, and Jane were all very well-behaved in there today. Gabe, being 7, knows how to behave in a doctor's office & in public; but the others, being 3, 2, & 1, are all in that learning stage. So I've been working with them on sitting nicely, not taking shoes and socks off, not stripping naked(Baby Jane, who just learned how to undress herself, oh joy!), not trying out all Dr. Don's chiropractical equipment, not running circles around him while he's adjusting someone, not racing up and down the hall, not raising and lowering the office get the picture. All of those things happened at the first visit a couple of weeks ago. If one starts, the other babies seem to take the cue and join in, and Mommy is turning circles trying to keep up and keep order. It may sound crazy, but really and truly, I do maintain control most days. But THAT particular first visit at the chiro was quite the extreme. By the time we left there, Mama was mad. I didn't say  much, only they better wait until their daddy got home!....After a big talk with Daddy that night, the rest of our visits have been MUCH calmer. Now, they walk in and all four of them sit down, sit still, and wait their turn to get adjusted. It's so cute, when they leave, they all wave and say, "Bye, Dr. Don!" Baby Jane is the cutest: she won't leave, she just follows him around waving, "Bye, Docta' Don! Bye, Docta' Don!", till I have to haul her off. The ladies at the reception get a kick out of the chorus of "Bye! Bye!" from all the babies. And Gabriel is such a big help with them and a gentleman to open doors for us.
I got to have a picnic with my nieces today. It was so much fun for the kids to be able to play with their cousins at the park. They were playing ball and swinging on the tire swing; belting out Sunday School songs at the tops of their little voices. Climbing trees, playing tag. And while we were there, Grandma called! I put her on speaker and they all got to yell out 'hi' to Grandma. We all sure miss you, Mom and Dad B.!
Well, I guess I oughta straighten up my house before bed and get things ready for school in the morning. Got another busy day tomorrow!

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