Thursday, 4 October 2012

BEGIN MY DAY in a little bit of time with God, or plunge right into my day & save Bible time for later? I think the events of my day would have been the same regardless. But I truly feel that I could have changed the course of some things if I would have just grabbed onto a little bitty meeting with God first thing--much in the same way as I cling to my husband for those last few moments before he must jump out of bed to head off to work each morning. Savoring that little moment with him helps me start my day in a good mood. Well, I needed to savor a few moments with my Saviour this morning, too. But I had such an early, big, long, busy day planned that I thought I would just have to put it off. I know you don't HAVE to read your Bible first thing, but yet, it is almost like that morning connection with your husband, it just sets the tone, the mood. And, boy, do I wish I could rewind this day and do it again, starting right there, with a few moments begging the Saviour to stay with me(like I do with Richard, only he has to leave anyway, lol. I tell him every morning that I don't want him to go to work, but he seems to think he has to be responsible and please his boss or something. :D) and asking God to give me strength. Because I really needed it. If I were to recount the events of today for you, you would blow a deep breath of exhaustion, frustration, and stress just READING the account! So, I won't bother, as it really doesn't matter anymore. Oh, mind you, there were blessings scattered all in there, which I will share in a minute, just reminders that God loved me and cared. But I definitely did this day in my own strength and regretted it. I literally felt like I fought my way through this day. Not the brawling kind of fighting(though there were moments I would have relished an all-out brawl), but the kind of fighting one does struggling for their survival as they swim their way upstream against all obstacles. I fought 1 year olds, 2 year olds, 3 year olds, 1/2/3 year olds all at the same time, tiredness, emotions, phone companies, banks, restaurants, downtown confusion at rush hour, you name it. And in my own strength I wore myself out. When I finally got home, my husband calmly comforted me, graciously lending a listening ear and a patient demeanor. Finally, I excused myself to go spend that much needed time with the Lord. And He, too, was patient. And forgiving. He graciously showed me in His Word what He would have showed me this morning to give me strength for what He knew was ahead in my day. He was there this morning: I wasn't. But I will be tomorrow. Because if tomorrow has anything in it relatively close to what was in today, I don't want to do it without Him!
~And now, those sweet little blessings that He did scatter throughout my day to make it bearable:
*Gracie at the park, on her knees way under the slide:"I'm hiding, Mommy!" "Oh! Where is Grace? I can't find her. Where is Grace?"--and her tiny voice piping up, "Where IS me?" 
*At a moment of highest stress, James throwing his arms around me, saying, "I love you, Mommy. You my boy!"(He hears us call him 'our boy', so to him, that's a great compliment. Anyone in his favor is 'his boy'. :D)
*Gabriel being a good boy and such a help all day.
*When my blinker light bulb goes out on my van in heavy traffic and almost causes a couple wrecks, and I'm turned around somewhere downtown, I pull into a shop that looks autobody-ish. I explain that I need to fix my blinker, but I don't know if this is even the right place to be or how to put the new bulb in. He takes pity on me and has his guy test it, check out the problem, and fix it. Realizing I may be in for a big bill since I had help fixing it, I take a deep breath and head inside to see how many arms and legs I'm forfeiting. He excuses himself from his other customer, smiles kindly, and says, "Got five bucks?" That's it, that's all he charged me! What a nice guy. I must have looked really helpless. God is so good. 
*I got to pop in and surprise a lady in my church this morning, which was fun.
*I had a great time at MOPS this morning, my first time going, met some new friends, and got a little chance to witness to them indirectly(at that point, my morning and attitude were still positive, fyi. :D)
*I had a lovely little visit with James' preschool director, this wonderful lady from South Africa. I felt a connection with her, and I know it's the Lord, because she knows I'm saved and seems to open up and talk to me. I found out that we had a common interest in that she is the AWANAS Cubbies director at her church, and I used to be the Cubbies director at my old church as well. Just talking to her was a pleasant part of my day. 
*I had an off-the-wall phone conversaton with another American here in Calgary, and she was so funny it just cheered me right up at the end of the day. I like interesting people. :)

Well, I think that I am going to go snuggle up in my bed and sleep away today, rising early to spend time with both my husband AND my Saviour tomorrow morning!

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