Thursday, 17 January 2013

Today has been a quiet day. The kids and I have laid low, enjoying the next stage of our diet in which we can eat eggs. God is so good... you know how Jesus taught us to pray, "Give us this day our daily  bread"?...He did that yesterday. I had pulled the very last of the meat out of the freezer, and that is essential for this healthy soup broth. So is yogurt. Both of which I was out of. I didn't really have the means to move to the next step of this diet...until yesterday, out of the blue, God gave us the resources to be able to go to Co-Op, of all places, one of the best stores, and stock up on the good food needed to feed my family for the next bit. Praise Him! 
This afternoon, the kids played in the garage for some 'sort-of' outside time--at least, out of the house. They can play with bikes, skateboards, roller blades, toddler cars, etc. in there, and get good and dirty. It is warm in the garage, so I had to follow the trail of coats and mittens that they chucked on the way in. :) Meanwhile, I got some peace and quiet after the morning hubbub....Do you do that? There is the morning hustle, but after it is all over, everyone is fed & cleaned up & changed, I need a downtime retreat to gather my wits about  me and finish waking up. I am not a morning person, so I sort of stumble my way through all that hubbub. But after I saw them safely bundled up and playing outside, I grabbed a cup of strong tea to clear my head, my food, and headed for my desk to "Mommy's World"....check email, schedule an appointment, Facebook, call my husband, who I barely remember seeing this particular morning before he headed out. I normally get up to see him off, but this Mama was dead to the world this morning....I chose to stay up late getting the house clean and food prepared.....anyway, that time to myself helps me get my direction clear for the day and fully wake up. 
The kids finally decided to come in for lunch, so I --Oh, look! The sun's out for the first time in days!--so I fed them their broth, chicken, carrots, and tea. Then we had puzzle and storytime. Then, surprise for Gabriel, Aunt K stopped by to drop something off and asked if he wanted to go walk her dog with her. I casually said, "I'm sure he would like that", then went and peeled an extremely excited little boy off the ceiling, Lol! Get some fresh air?Go with Aunt K? Walk the dog? Time alone without little sisters and brother? Um, YES he would like to go! :D Considering what a huge help and responsible little boy he was all morning, he for sure deserved an outing. And sweet. Yesterday, he made me a card that said "I Love you, Mommy" and a bookmark that was my favorite color with little kitties on it for my book. He's so thoughtful. 
After he left, I put the little girls in bed with their baby dolls and some pretty piano music. Gracie planted herself by the door to scream, so I, sigh, went back  in there, tucked her back in with Grandma's special blanket and her doll from Daddy, and "shh'd" her to sleep, reminding myself that Auntie R said that the kids would be like this while their little bodies are detoxifying, and that they're sick, not naughty. I really think that 1)God is giving me extra grace & patience right now, because their fussing isn't affecting me that badly, or 2) the healthy eating is affecting my moods for the better, or 3)both! :) Either way, thank you, Lord, for patience! 
James began to be indignant that he didn't get to go with Aunt K too, so I whispered in his ear that I would spend some special time with just him. I was thinking, you know, we'll put all these puzzles back together, maybe color....then he came up with his own plan. "Let's drink tea and go watch a funny movie together!" Okay, then, that's we'll do. After all, it's your special time, buddy, I guess you should choose! :) So we drank tea and watched America's Funniest Home Videos for awhile. 
Well, I had to take a break and come back. Now Gabe's home, James is back down here trying to figure out the puzzles, and the girls woke up. I could tell they were still tired, so I turned on Nim's Island for them and fed them some yogurt. They ate it like it was going out of style and laid back down. 
Both Richard and I noticed that Gracie's eczema is all gone-she's not constantly scratching anymore! She's had that since she was born and no amount of hydrocortizone cream really ever took it away. 
Richard is scheduled for his first appointment with the naturopath tomorrow afternoon. He has had such a bad week, I'm glad Dr. B wanted to see him right away instead of waiting until after the colonoscopy. His boss is really supportive of him right now, which is such a blessing. He told Richard to do whatever he needed to do to get better. Praise the Lord that his job won't be in jeopardy over doctor visits!
Well, I really  need to go do some cooking and cleaning so I will sign off for now.  Have a blessed day!

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