Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Some little clips from the last few days, as posted on facebook...:)

I love that my girls are 'girlie'...yesterday afternoon, we had a tea party with our special china while watching Little House on the Prairie....just us girls!
...and a couple hours later: Okay, scratch what I said about 'girlie girls'....I just slipped a delicate, pink flowered shirt over Jane's head, and she said, "Dis my muscle shirt! I'm Supermaaan!!!" Lol

With my New Year upcoming, I just have this incredible urge to organize everything! 

today: New Year is being spent getting stuff going....Richard and James just headed off to retrieve good parts out of our two dead cars, the girls are pretending to take a nap, I'm cleaning house and teaching school, and Gabe is diligently adding and subtracting up a number ladder.....starting our year out with hard work....our family gathering will be on Friday with Richard's brother and sister. :)

LOL: No words were spoken in the following conversation. I assigned Gabe 12 subtraction problems, subtracting to the thousands' place, while I went to make a pot of coffee. After several minutes, he silently brought me his math paper. No problems were done. Above the math problems was this message:"I cannot do it becus it is to hrd for me bi my self." Slightly annoyed, I wrote back, "Yes, you can. DO IT!" A couple minutes later, he returned the paper. "Mom you r not mi." (I had to pause and think.."I am not your WHAT?--Oh! that says 'me'. ") Going around the corner to suppress a smile, as it was getting rather amusing, I wrote back, "You could have had them all done by now!" Managing not to laugh, I silently handed the paper to him and went back to my coffee. He, also trying not to laugh, brought the paper back with this message, "OK Mom i will do it." Then he proceeded to finish all 12 problems in five minutes! Little stinker. :D

So, right now it is 10:35pm on New Year's Day. I did get much accomplished, still some to do before I can retire, hopefully not too late. James took this incredibly long, incredibly late nap, so he's WIDE AWAKE. :) He came to me at 9:30pm and asked to 'do school'(his preschool workbook). I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Why not?" So he voluntarily did four whole pages of shapes and concepts. Gabe did double duty on math and language arts today, yay! It will make his tomorrow easier. Well, I should sign off now, as Gabe is needing me to read to him...kind of late, I know....but it's a holiday. :) Happy New Year!

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