Friday, 28 September 2012

My crazy, happy family had a crazy, busy week, and when we got home tonight to our crazy, messy house....I was pooped! SO....when my husband called on his way home from work I begged him to pick up dinner. "But, please, honey, do you think we could have something besides pizza for a change?" If you know my husband's family, pizza is THE meal of choice; hence, pizza is eaten quite a lot. I thought MY family had the market on pizza: but that was before I met the Bueckerts! So, tonight, my tummy and taste buds requested something else. And, what should he bring, but Chinese takeout! Yum! It was opportune timing as well, because just this afternoon, the boys and I were having a "healthy lifestyle" conversation.On PBS Kids, they watch "Fit Kids" every day, a little five minute blurb encouraging active lifestyles. Gabriel asked me if I could be a FitKid too. I laughed and said, "How about we try to be a FitFamily?" We talked about how we should all be getting one hour of exercise every day, drinking 8 cups of water, and eating about a cup of vegetables every day; but none of us do! So we all told which vegetables we liked and didn't like. We agreed we would be willing to try new ones. And we should make a CHART! Gabriel lit up at that one. He is my CHART lover. Details, lists, charts, schedules, he loves all of this. Too bad Mommy doesn't! :{ I tried the chore chart thing for him, but I couldn't stick with it, Lol.Anyway, the healthy Chinese food with VEGGIES gave us a chance to keep our agreement, and we did, and, boy, did that food feel better than pizza. Even to my Bueckert husband! :D Well, my sweet girls just had a bath and got tucked into their beddie-byes. I went to get Jane her bottle and when I came back she was off in Dreamland, along with Grace. Now,Gabriel and James are awaiting storytime, devotions, & prayer; so I will have to sign off for now. I hope you will enjoy reading my Daily News as much as I enjoy writing it! God bless!

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