Friday, 28 September 2012

My afternoon at the park: Gracie losing grip at the top of the monkey bars before I can get there-"Please Lord! Catch her...thank you!"-as she catches herself(well, God does) and swings to safety; Gracie speeding down the slide at 90mph, so fast that she does a somersault off the bottom and comes up grinning-superhero Grace!; Grace hopping on the bouncy see-saw with James, who proceeds to 'power-bounce' her off the see-saw to the moon!; quiet Jane puttering around me eating my lunch, so when I take a huge swig of pop I get a whole mouthful of gravel & grass that she put down my straw when I wasn't looking; Gabriel using the jogging stroller as a go-cart down the hill at speeds I won't mention; Gabriel waiting till all his brother & sisters are lined up at the bottom of the slide and then sliding down like a banshee to dogpile them in a heap; James sweetly handing me a piece of ice in his dirty paws with the brightest smile-"Eat it, Mommy! It's weally good!"-and plopping himself in my lap. Life with my sweet babies is never, ever dull! :D

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